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A virtual tabletop for solo RPGs, play and create amazing stories using a game designed to immerse you in the narrative and stimulate your creativity. Maps, scenes, battles, Avatars, Portraits, Oracles, Tables, journals, notebooks, Equipment, Items, and Enemies. The Augur has everything. Based on the amazing Ironsworn TTRPG and limited only by your own imagination, there is nothing you cannot do in this game.  

Never Player a TTRPG before? Watch our let's play video to learn, TTRPGs are amazing and you'll wish you had learned sooner.

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I am committed to adding more and more features to The Augur until it becomes the ultimate VTT for playing solo RPGs, help me achieve this by buying the supporter edition. 

Delve and Procedural Generation: 

Delve-like mechanics, procedural generation, and item overhaul.

Monster Avatars

All ironsworn foes have been revamped with full color avatars and illustrations, check out the short trailer below.

The Oracle

"The Oracle" is a contextual generator that creates settlements, NPCs, dungeons, quest prompts and more at the press of a single button.

Equipment and Inventory system

Adds Equipment, Weapons and Armor. Over a hundred items your character can wear and wield to make your stories more immersive.

Supporter Edition:

The supporter edition of The Augur is packed with extra content: 50 Portraits, 11 detailed Foes, 27 Maps, 68 Icons, 5 Avatars, 100 weapons and armors you can wear and wield, a pdf of a World Setting you can use in your games. Your purchase of this version goes a long way towards the development of The Augur.

Free Version:

All the gaming, questing, journaling and mapping features and all the foes, assets oracles and moves from the Ironsworn rulebook are part of the free version. The map feature has some limitations:  You can have only one world or main map at a time and this map and any site within can have a maximum of three objects each (Foes, Sites or Avatars for now).

To obtain the Supporter Version select "The Augur - Supporter.rar" on the file lists when you download. This will set the payment amount to 15$ . Thanks and know that your support goes towards further improving and updating The Augur. 

Mac and Linux:

Follow the instructions on the last screenshot at the right side of this page. Basically: Uninstall java if you have it. Download java here. Choose Java 8 and hotspot (check the screenshot) install it and then launch from "The Augur.jar". 

Learn to Play: Starfall  Show

The Starfall, a let's play series made by me, the Creator of the Augur, where we follow the Adventures of Krell as he travels through The Settled Lands. Learn to play with The Augur and Ironsworn as I go over the basics and create an interesting and engaging story.


I am making more TTRPG related content on Patreon, some of it is released in the form of modules for The Augur and others as pdfs you can read and enjoy even if you don't want to use The Augur. Most of the content I create is system agnostic and can be used with your favorite TTRPG! Check out this free encounter table

 To install the latest update simply overwrite your installation of The Augur.


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